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Your Sicilian Wedding Experience with Signature Concierge Service

Embarking on the journey to your Sicilian wedding is an exciting endeavour. L’amuri Weddings invites you to discover an unparalleled blend of beauty and romance amidst the stunning landscapes and scenic vistas. As Sicilian wedding planners, we specialise in creating personalised events that will exceed your expectations and ensure the perfect execution of your special day.

Sicilian Wedding Experience with Signature Concierge Service

Crafting Your Sicilian Wedding Experience

At L’amuri Weddings in Sicily, we understand that your wedding day is a culmination of dreams, desires, and cherished moments. Our comprehensive wedding planning services encompass every facet of your celebration, from conceptualization to execution. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of Sicilian charm, we transform your vision into a captivating reality.

Unveiling Our Signature Concierge Service

Among our array of services lies the crown jewel: our signature concierge service tailored exclusively for your esteemed guests. Recognizing the significance of their presence, we strive to elevate their experience from the moment they set foot in Sicily. Our dedicated team orchestrates a seamless journey, ensuring your guests feel cherished and pampered throughout their stay for your Sicilian Wedding.

Elevating Accommodations and Transportation

From luxurious accommodations nestled amidst Sicily’s enchanting landscapes to bespoke transportation arrangements, our concierge service leaves no stone unturned in providing unparalleled comfort and convenience. With a network of trusted partners and meticulous planning, we ensure every aspect of their journey is meticulously curated to perfection.

Curating Exquisite Experiences

Beyond logistics, our concierge service extends to crafting bespoke experiences that capture the essence of Sicilian allure. Whether your guests yearn to explore historic landmarks, savor culinary delights, or bask in the tranquility of sun-kissed shores, we tailor each experience to their preferences, ensuring memories that linger for a lifetime.

Embrace the Journey

As you embark on the enchanting journey to your Sicilian wedding extravaganza, entrust L’amuri Weddings in Sicily to be your guiding light. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and heartfelt dedication, we ensure your wedding day surpasses all expectations, leaving an indelible mark on your hearts. Contact us today to embark on a journey of love, beauty, and unparalleled elegance in the captivating embrace of Sicily.

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Wedding in Sicily: why Sicily is the ideal destination for couples from around the world

Sicily is undeniably a destination rich in charm and romance. For this reason, a wedding in Sicily is the dream of couples from all over the world.

This Mediterranean gem offers a unique blend of beauty, history, and culture, transforming the wedding day into an unparalleled experience. At L’Amuri Weddings in Sicily, we understand this well, which is why we make ourselves available as professional, discreet destination wedding planners in Sicily with extensive knowledge of our territory.

Contact us today and organize an unforgettable wedding in Sicily at one of the charming venues the island has to offer. Now, let’s explore why this island is an ideal destination for celebrating the weddings of the most discerning and glamorous couples.

Numerous options await those considering a wedding in Sicily

Deciding to tie the knot in Sicily offers the embarrassment of choice. Anyone privileged enough to choose Sicily as the backdrop for their wedding will be faced with a wealth of unique and unforgettable locations. One of the most beloved options is a wedding in Sicily on the beach—intimate, romantic, informal, and perfect for a Sicilian elopement.

Among the best beaches to tie the knot in Sicily, one can consider the area of San Vito Lo Capo and the Zingaro Nature Reserve, with its shoreline of fine sand and crystalline waters, or the Tonnara di Scopello. Lastly, Cefalù Beach, with its timeless elegance, provides an unparalleled backdrop for a twilight ceremony, where the warm colors of the sunset paint the sky and sea.

Then there are the coastal areas of Noto and the village of Marzamemi; enchanting  landscapes that offer an idyllic setting for celebrating an unforgettable wedding. Golden beaches caressed by crystal-clear waters, vineyards stretching to the horizon, and the charming squares of Marzamemi transform into romantic frames for every ceremony.
Not just the sea. Sicily also offers its inland, villages, and luxury experiences. The magnificent Dimora Balze in Noto provides a historic and captivating setting to pledge eternal love. Alternatively, one can opt for wineries like the Tasca D’Almerita estates to savour Sicilian specialities or boutique hotels like Zash, where each uniquely designed room tells an enchanting tale. For an authentic atmosphere, the picturesque Church of San Giorgio in Ragusa Ibla is a sacred place that captivates with its baroque architecture.

One of the best cuisines in the world

Sicily, a cradle of breathtaking wedding locations and unparalleled beauty, not only offers enchanting settings for the most important day but also boasts one of the world’s most exclusive culinary traditions. Its cuisine, a sublime blend of Mediterranean flavors, is a symphony of taste that delights the senses and captivates the palate.

The finest Sicilian chefs, specializing in lunch and dinner for weddings in Sicily, can be at the disposal of couples to create receptions that satisfy even the most refined tastes. Our island also allows you to savor locally sourced ingredients, from the freshest and just-caught fish to the iconic pistachios of Bronte, from the sweetest almonds to the famous Modica chocolate.

food lover
wedding reception food

The warmth and hospitality of Sicily

On the island, the sincere smiles of its inhabitants become the best allies to fill the wedding day with joy and authenticity. Here, cordiality is a distinctive trait, and every gesture of hospitality transforms into a wish for happiness, making the wedding experience not only romantic but also warmly human.

The warmth and hospitality of Sicily envelop the newlyweds in an affectionate embrace, turning every moment into an indelible memory

The Perfect Honeymoon

It’s well known that marriage is not just about preparations and the ceremony. It also includes an unforgettable honeymoon after the wedding in Sicily, allowing the newlyweds to process their emotions and enjoy a brief vacation as husband and wife.

Whether the couples wish to spend days relaxing together, enchanted by spectacular sunsets, or exploring ancient cultural treasures hand in hand, Sicily is a versatile gem. Picturesque seaside villages like Taormina and Cefalù create romantic settings perfect for evening strolls and intimate dinners. Alternatively, the Aeolian Islands, with their wild charm, offer a paradise retreat for a romantic elopement in Sicily.

Tips for couples for an unforgettable wedding in Sicily

Not just locations. Sicily can also be incorporated into the celebration through unique details and touches of inimitable style. As wedding planners in Sicily, we advise all couples to embrace the southern Italian spirit.

For example, brides may choose a Made in Italy dress, perhaps from a Sicilian designer, enchanting with its refined style and attention to detail. Local tailors provide an authentic touch that makes the dress unique and artisanal.

Or, Sicilian ceramics, with their vibrant colors and traditional motifs, can take center stage in decorations and gifts for guests. They can be chosen as centerpieces for the reception or included in elegant and artisanal favors.

We’ve said it before, but we want to emphasize it. Local chefs can craft a menu that celebrates Sicilian cuisine, with its Mediterranean flavors and the freshness of local ingredients. From seafood to pasta, each course can become a journey through Italian delights. As for the wine, there’s nothing more romantic than raising a glass of Sicilian wine to toast to love. A local sommelier can select the best labels that perfectly complement your menu. As Sicilian wedding planners, at L’Amuri Weddings in Sicily, we include these exclusive services in our wedding planning to delight every palate.
Along with all these stylish touches, don’t forget the bureaucratic aspect, especially if you are a foreign couple. In our article, you will find a useful checklist of the necessary documents for getting married in Italy.


Sicily not only proves to be a destination for a fairy-tale wedding but also an intoxicating blend of tradition, elegance, and timeless beauty for couples from around the world. Amidst majestic historic villas, breathtaking seascapes, and the warm hospitality of its inhabitants, this land provides the perfect stage to celebrate your love in Italian style.

To ensure an unparalleled wedding, L’Amuri Weddings in Sicily dedicates its mastery and keen eye for elegance to the most discerning and glamorous couples. We are a team of expert wedding planners, promising a personalized experience set against the backdrop of our magical Sicily. Every detail, from the attire to the ceremony, transforms into a masterpiece with us, granting the newlyweds an unforgettable day.

Let L’Amuri Weddings in Sicily assist you in organizing your perfect destination wedding in Sicily, framing your love in an atmosphere of authentic splendor.

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Wedding Planner In Sicily: Why and How to Choose One

A wedding is a unique moment in a couple’s life, an occasion to be celebrated with style and sophistication. For those who desire an elegant, surprising, luxurious wedding in a picturesque setting in Sicily, the choice to rely on a wedding planner becomes crucial.

Let’s delve into the fundamental role of a wedding planner in Sicily. We will explore the advantages of choosing a local professional and provide valuable insights on how to choose the perfect wedding planner for  your wedding in Sicily.

wedding planner sicily
Wedding in Sicily

Role and Skills of the Wedding Planner

A particularly refined eye, a reliable and attentive partner. The wedding planner is the guardian of your dream. It’s an expert who takes care of every detail to ensure that your wedding is unforgettable. From concept to realization, the wedding planner coordinates all aspects, including vendor management, venue selection, and budget planning

A wedding planner listens attentively to the couple’s needs and transforms their love dream into reality, ensuring that every moment is perfectly orchestrated.

Advantages of Having a Local Wedding Planner for you wedding in Sicily

Why hire a wedding planner when you already have every aspect of the ceremony in mind?

A wedding is an exciting moment and there are many aspects to consider. Emotions can play tricks, causing the forgetting of those small details that can make the difference between a perfect day and a disappointing one.

Choosing to rely on a wedding planner proves to be a wise investment for anyone desiring a flawless wedding.

Professionals equipped with organizational skills and artistic vision, serve as expert guides through the wedding planning process. The ability to handle logistical details, vendors, and unforeseen challenges allows couples to focus on their celebration without bearing the burden of organizational stress.

If you decide to have your wedding in Sicily, but are not familiar with the island, a local wedding planner becomes crucial. A Sicilian wedding planner’s in-depth knowledge of the culture, territory and local traditions means tailor-made advice and suggestions for picturesque locations that are perfectly suited to the couple’s needs.

How to Choose the Wedding Planner: Useful Tips

The selection of the right wedding planner is a crucial decision that will directly impact the success of your ceremony.

To ensure that this choice reflects your expectations, it is essential to undertake a thorough and thoughtful search, considering a series of requirements:

  • Online reviews: testimonials from other couples can offer a clear picture of the quality of service provided by a wedding planner, helping understand the level of satisfaction and professionalism
  • Knowledge of the area where the wedding takes place: this requirement allows couples to experience a more authentic event in exceptional locations, immersing themselves in the culture, products, and history of the territory
  • Experience in the field: an experienced professional will not only have extensive knowledge of the latest wedding trends but can also demonstrate the ability to excel in complex situations
  • Clear and timely communication: a reliable wedding planner will always be available to answer questions, discuss details, and ensure that every request is listened to attentively
  • Empathy and sensitivity: finally, the most important requirement. The ability to understand the needs, aspirations, and personal desires of the couple will contribute to creating a fundamental trust relationship for a harmonious collaboration. A wedding planner attentive to the emotions of the couple will be able to personalize every detail, making the wedding an authentic reflection of their love story.

Choosing a wedding planner who meets these criteria is particularly crucial when planning to get married in Sicily, as it’s local expertise ensures a seamless experience in this picturesque destination. A skilled wedding planner in Sicily can enhance the celebration by integrating the unique cultural and historical aspects of the region.

Wedding Sicily
Wedding Planner Sicily

Why Choose L’Amuri Weddings in Sicily

L’Amuri Weddings in Sicily has all this, with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for exceeding client expectations, we are dedicated to creating flawless weddings. L’Amuri Weddings in Sicily’s deep connection with the island transforms each wedding into an authentic experience, celebrating the island’s unique beauty and traditions.

Working with a select network of reliable suppliers, many of whom are recognised in the industry, we ensure the impeccable execution of every detail.

Listening to and understanding a couple’s personal vision for their wedding is our guiding principle at every stage of the planning process. From selecting the perfect venue to suggesting unique locations, we strive to create a unique and memorable experience, tailored to each couple’s wishes and preferences.

Clarity and honesty are at the core of L’Amuri Weddings in Sicily’s philosophy, building relationships based on transparency and dedication.


Entrusting your wedding to a planner in Sicily proves to be the key to transforming it into an extraordinary experience. A wedding is a unique moment that requires style and sophistication, and the choice of the right wedding planner becomes crucial.

Opting for a local wedding planner offers additional advantages, especially when celebrating the wedding in a land rich in culture and traditions like Sicily. L’Amuri Weddings in Sicily combines Italian elegance with the irresistible charm of the island.

Choosing L’Amuri Weddings in Sicily means relying on a wedding planner who fully understands cultural nuances and provides personalized support, making the wedding not just an event but an unforgettable celebration.

Contact us today to organize your magical wedding in Sicily.

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Legal requirements to get married in Italy: what do you need for a wedding in Sicily?

Indulging your romantic spirit, you’ve chosen to seal your love with a dream wedding amidst the enchanting atmosphere of Italy. If the picturesque Sicily is your destination, there’s a crucial aspect to consider: the Legal requirements to get married in Italy as a foreigner.

While your priority is to dedicate a marvelous, engaging and unforgettable wedding in Sicily to your partner and guests, ensuring a smooth experience requires attention to the fundamental requirements for marrying in Italy. Fear not, for with this guide by L’amuri Weddings in Sicily, a Sicilian event agency specializing in wedding planning and design, you’re bound for success.

Before delving into the details, it’s essential to note that specific requirements may vary based on your nationality and individual circumstances. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your home country for precise and up-to-date guidance tailored to your unique situation.

If you want assistance right from the first steps in organizing your wedding, contact us, and we’ll take care of your legal requirements to get married in Sicily

Now, let’s explore the necessary documents for getting married in Italy, ensuring your union is both legally sound and gracefully executed.

What do you need to get married in Sicily
Discover the essential legal requirements and documents needed for getting married in Sicily.

Religious or Civil Marriage in Italy: Legal Differences

In Italy, two primary forms of union exist: civil and religious marriages. In addition to that, our beautiful country also recognizes civil partnerships for same-sex couples, granting rights similar to those of matrimonial unions.

Civil marriage is a non-religious option conducted in Italian by the Mayor or Civil Registrar. This ceremony can take place at municipal offices or other locations authorized by the chosen municipality, with the presence of two witnesses, one for the bride and one for the groom. If you prefer a different venue, you may consider having a symbolic wedding ceremony. Contact us to learn more and receive assistance from a wedding planner.

If either of you does not speak Italian, the presence of an interpreter is also required. The interpreter can also customize certain steps of the ceremony, which typically lasts no more than twenty or thirty minutes.

Religious weddings differ from civil ones in their religious setting and ceremonies. Conducted in churches, they involve a priest and the reading of Bible passages by involved families. While Italy recognizes marriages of all faiths, it’s essential to note that, except for Catholic ceremonies, they are not legally binding without a prior civil ceremony.

If you dream of celebrating your wedding in one of the historic and majestic churches in Sicily, one of you, either you or your partner, must be Catholic that is having received all sacraments before marriage.

It’s worth emphasizing that religious ceremonies, though more evocative and spiritual, demand greater attention than civil ones. These ceremonies require meticulous planning, involving coordination between the Italian church, the local church, municipal officials, and consulates. Lasting approximately an hour, they necessitate the submission of documentation at least 2 months before the wedding but no later than 6 months.

To have the wedding of your dreams in Sicily, you must know the legal requirements to get married in Italy. Don’t leave anything to chance. Learn what you need to do to get married in Italy and make your dream wedding a reality.

Note: if you wish to marry in an Italian church, be prepared for a more extensive document collection process!

How to Get Married in Italy: Documents checklist

Here’s our checklist to ensure you don’t overlook anything when getting married in Italy:

  • Nulla Osta (CNI): Issued by the embassy or consulate of your home country, this certificate confirms your eligibility for marriage. To obtain it, you’ll typically need to provide proof of identity, proof of residence, and details about any past marriages or divorces. This step is crucial, so handle it with the utmost care
  • Valid passport beyond the scheduled wedding date. This ensures a seamless procedure, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of your big day
  • Birth certificate. In many cases, it may need to be translated into Italian by an official translator to ensure all details are correctly understood
  • Divorce or death certificates of the former spouse. If you were previously married, you may need to provide relevant documents confirming your current single or widowed status.

Furthermore, as part of the legal process, ensure you have at least two witnesses present at your wedding ceremony in Sicily. They must be individuals capable of identifying themselves and willing to sign the marriage registry, attesting to their role as witnesses to your union.

In addition to preparing the documents, remember that some of them require the application of a revenue stamp, especially for the Nulla Osta application and the Nulla Osta itself, as well as for the Notarial Deed and the accompanying witness affidavit. All things considered, be mindful of these details as you plan your memorable journey to wedded bliss in Italy.

How to get legally married in Italy
What do you need to get married in Sicily?

Other Documents for a religious wedding in Sicily

In the context of a religious marriage, you need to demonstrate your spiritual journey through baptism, confirmation and first communion certificates.

But that’s not all. Among the documents you need to prepare for a wedding in an Italian church are a certificate of attendance at the premarital course, a premarital inquiry issued by the archdiocese of your hometown, and a letter of approval for marriage from the Bishop of the Parish in your country.

We conclude this helpful guide to the necessary documents for getting married in Sicily with an invitation, urging you to plan your wedding in Italy well in advance to avoid last-minute stress. A religious wedding requires at least six months of preparation, while a civil one requires only four.

Finally, if you are a non-Italian citizen and wish to marry in Sicily, the road may seem long and complex, but as a wedding planner, L’Amuri Weddings in Sicily will be by your side step by step to complete everything you need to realize your dream wedding in Sicily.

Contact us today and get ready to experience the magic of a wedding ceremony in Sicily, immersed in our unique locations and pampered with every detail just as you desire.

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Once called the “love escape”, today it’s known as elopement and it’s one of the latest trends in weddings. Elopement in Sicily presents itself as an extraordinarily romantic, unique, and tailor-made option for the couple. The couples have the freedom to celebrate their bond authentically, without the constraints and obligations associated with traditional weddings.

After all, what could be more romantic than finding a picturesque location, a few guests, and an officiant to experience an intimate and heartfelt wedding? When choosing elopement for one’s wedding, the decision is made to give space to emotions, the unique needs of the couple, and the feelings of the two partners, the true protagonists of the marriage. No frills, no excess, no stress of organizing a ceremony with many people.

This innovative concept represents a fresh and distinct way to connect through the sacrament of marriage. An alternative that deviates from the usual tradition of wedding ceremonies.

Contact us to organize your wedding just the way you like it.

Elopement in Sicily: the latest trend for an intimate wedding
Elopement Wedding in Sicily

What is elopement and what are its advantages?

Although it may seem like a recent trend, elopement is something ancient and deeply rooted in traditions worldwide, including weddings in Sicily and weddings in Italy. How many times in literature have we heard about a love escape? Lovers would flee disapproving families to get married and unite forever. Today, the concept has evolved, but the idea of escaping from the demanding traditions of weddings remains.

Today, as mentioned, elopement signifies a romantic escape where two kindred souls enter the sacred bond of marriage, surrounded only by the officiant or a small circle of friends and family. This ceremony embodies the desire to break away from tradition and formalities, celebrating love in an authentic and personalized way.

Many couples embrace elopement to avoid the idea of a crowded wedding, opting for an intimate and private atmosphere. However, this doesn’t mean settling for a subdued ceremony; on the contrary, it offers an exclusive experience. In fact, numerous couples choose dream locations, such as Caribbean beaches, European cities, or countries in the Far East for their romantic escape, making the wedding in Sicily and Italy, and the ensuing honeymoon, a unique adventure.

Why elope in Sicily?

Many of our clients opt for Sicily for an elopement, and we understand well the reason that brings them to this warm land, rich in breathtaking locations for a wedding in Sicily

Elopement in Sicily emerges as an unparalleled option for those seeking an intimate and uncompromising union. In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, our Sicily provides a perfect stage for an unforgettable love escape, making it an ideal place to get married in Sicily. It enriches the meaning of marriage with a backdrop steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty, perfect for a wedding in Italy.

Sicily allows the celebration of weddings in diverse locations, ensuring maximum variety for the couples: tranquil and spacious beaches, historic villages, castles, and archaeological sites. Additionally, luxury villas and hotels suitable for the most demanding and glamorous couples, or ancient palaces or more rural areas, for an unforgettable country-chic wedding.. 

But that’s not all. The Sicilian climate, with mild winters and hot summers, provides an ideal environment for elopement at any time of the year. Add to this the warm and authentic hospitality of the locals, and you have the perfect atmosphere to celebrate any love.
Choosing Sicily for an elopement means immersing oneself in an environment oozing with culture and authenticity, enriching the marital experience with a unique depth. Not to mention, Sicilian cuisine, renowned worldwide, adds a touch of delight to your private dinner. From traditional dishes to local delicacies, every bite will transform an elopement in Sicily into an unforgettable multisensory experience.

Intimate Wedding
Elopement Sicily

Suggestive Locations for Elopement in Sicily

Sicily is a Mediterranean jewel with a myriad of enchanting locations for an elopement steeped in romance and history. Couples can choose to elope in picturesque villages of the region, among which Cefalù and Taormina must be considered, with their cobblestone streets and historic buildings. Here, couples can immerse themselves in bygone atmospheres, perfect for intimate and personal vows of love.

For those seeking the grandeur of past eras, Sicilian castles are ideal for surprising their intimate guests. Among these, the Donnafugata Castle or the Castle of Venus in Erice can be considered, offering fairytale-like scenarios. Then there are castles like the Camemi Resort Castle or the enchanting Castle San Marco Charming Hotel & SPA, which not only allow for the celebration of an unforgettable ceremony but also provide a picturesque setting for the honeymoon.

Historical villas, such as Villa Palagonia in Bagheria with its Baroque gardens, present themselves as oases of elegance, while luxury hotels like the Belmond GrandHotel Timeo or the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace in Taormina blend modern comfort with the romantic atmosphere of Sicily. For those desiring an elopement with a sea view, the beaches of Mondello, San Vito Lo Capo, and Scopello offer breathtaking scenery.

Charming cities are not to be overlooked, such as Palermo, with its majestic palaces and fascinating historic churches, providing unique backdrops for love vows. Want an original idea? Why not get married on a boat off the Aeolian Islands?

The centuries-old churches of Sicily, like the Cathedral of Monreale with its Byzantine mosaics, add a sacred and solemn dimension to the elopement, creating a union between spirituality and romance.

In every corner of the island, an extraordinary place awaits to welcome and celebrate love in all its magnificence. Choosing the perfect location for your elopement in Sicily means immersing yourself in a journey through history, culture, and timeless beauty, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Conclusions: Elopement in Sicily

Elopement, therefore, emerges as a captivating option for those who wish to celebrate their love in an intimate and personalized manner, escaping conventional formalities. A love escape that not only embraces a romantic story rooted in antiquity but unfolds as a new chapter of authenticity and connection for modern couples.

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the ancient Sicilian lands and its enveloping atmosphere. Choose L’Amuri Weddings in Sicily, a wedding planner in Sicily, to celebrate your love. We will provide you with all our expertise to transform your love escape into an unforgettable wedding in Sicily, customizing every detail according to your needs.

With our Italian touch and personalized attention, we will create an event that will be remembered forever. All you have to do is prepare the documents and join us in Sicily for your dream wedding in Italy.

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Wedding venues in Sicily

Wedding venues in Sicily


When planning a wedding in Sicily, one of the first things couples usually do is choose a wedding venue. Sicily offers a wide range of stunning wedding venues, from classic and elegant 5-star hotels to exclusive spots like small medieval towns and wineries. This Italian paradise has something for everyone, and it’s no wonder why it’s a timeless and unmatched choice for a destination wedding in Italy. With its rich history, tradition, and breathtaking views, Sicily is full of variety, making it easy to be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing where to tie the knot. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are our top Sicily wedding venues, each offering something unique and special. We specialize in creating distinctive and memorable weddings in Sicily, and our expert wedding planners are here to help you take the next steps towards making your dream Sicilian wedding a reality.




Dimora delle Balze, Noto. The luxury Baroque of Sicily

Situated in the heart of the Noto countryside, Dimora delle Balze is a place of peace and tranquillity. A nineteenth-century estate with 11 charming rooms, this special venue was chosen by Italian power couple Chiara Ferragni and Fedez for their 2018 wedding. It offers breathtaking views over the Val di Noto, a stunning rural area that has been awarded the status of a Unesco World Heritage Site.

The venue can be transformed to suit the most discerning tastes, offering couples the chance to create a truly bespoke event. But with its meticulously restored outbuildings and ingenious courtyards, this place is naturally captivating. The entire venue can be hired exclusively to make it your own for a few days. Picture celebrating your love story with friends and guests, enjoying a special dinner on tables set around a citrus-filled courtyard, and finishing the evening with music and dancing around stone pillars and by the saltwater pool.

If you would like to organise your wedding at the Dimora delle Balze, please contact us.


Commenda di San Calogero, discover the magic in Siracusa

Commenda di San Calogero, a historical Italian dwelling, is a magical place situated between two of the most important cities in Sicily: Catania and Siracusa. With its one hundred hectares and its authentic character, it’s the perfect place to host tailor-made events, but above all events that want to be immersed in the amazing scents and colours of our beautiful land, which will be the background for every single moment and memory. The entire villa has been designed with great care

With a wide range of spaces available, it makes it possible to customise the atmosphere and setting: the white path along the main façade, the large courtyard, the wheat field with its breathtaking view of the sea, the Italian gardens, the alley of olive trees, the small courtyard, the area under the arches of the crib and, finally, the leaving rooms are all at your disposal. The choice of which areas to use and how to use them depends on the number of guests and also on the client’s preferences..

You can choose to have your civil or symbolic wedding ceremony at Coomenda di San Calogero, choosing the area that you like the most as the backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Otherwise, if you have in mind the religious rite in a church, it’s possible to find the ideal one in a few distance.

Wedding Venues in Sicily - Commenda di San Calogero

Tonnara di Scopello for a glamourous wedding in Sicily

Imagine being transported to an ancient fishing village, surrounded by the nature and by the sea. The Tonnara of Scopello, once used for tuna fishing, is now a unique location.

For those seeking a truly unique and enchanting wedding venue, La Tonnara di Scopello in Palermo, Sicily is an excellent choice. This former fishing village turned museum offers a private bay and breathtaking views of the gulf of Castellammare. With 14 housing units nestled among charming gardens and courtyards, both you and your guests will be mesmerized by its beauty.

The Baglio of the Tonnara takes up the typical structure of a courtyard: the rectangular shape closed in all sides and communicating outside through the large door, the traditional flooring composed of “cuti” (translated from Sicilian: pebbles) and the presence of a small church. Inside the short you could organize the main dinner for all your guests.

Moreover, La Tonnara Di Scopello can accommodate up to 250 guests and offers an array of ceremony locations to choose from. You can tailor your wedding day according to your wishes, right down to the smallest detail.

It’s the perfect destination for uber-cool couples who appreciate the allure of history and a refined sense of style.

Wedding Venues in Scopello - Sicily

Aeolian islands

If you’re looking for a unique and breathtaking wedding venue, the Aeolian Islands are a hidden gem that you won’t want to miss. These islands, located off the north-east side of Sicily, are a stunning example of the formation and evolution of volcanic islands. With seven islands to choose from, including Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi, and Panarea, you’re sure to find the perfect location to start your big day.

Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by crystal-clear waters and stunning vistas. After the ceremony, you and your guests can indulge in local cuisine and immerse yourselves in the local culture.

For a more intimate celebration, consider a yacht wedding with the mythical islands as your backdrop. Sail from one island to the next with your loved ones and enjoy the endless blue seas. It’s the perfect way to create memories that will last a lifetime.

To plan your dream wedding in the Aeolian Islands, get in touch with us today. We’re here to help make your special day unforgettable.

Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo a favourite from the Grand Tour since 1800

Prepare to fall in love with Sicily at the Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina! The Belmond Grand Hotel Tiemo was the first hotel in town and quickly became a favored holiday spot for European aristocrats.

This hotel sits just steps away from the stunning Greek Theatre, surrounded by six acres of tropical gardens filled with olive, lemon, and cypress trees, cacti, magnolias, and pergolas draped in wisteria, gardens of roses, and orange blossoms.

The view of Mount Etna is absolutely breathtaking. At sunset, the sky turns purple and the view of the volcano from the restaurants and private terraces, while sipping a glass of Etna sparkling wine, is unbeatable.

This extraordinary hotel is perfect for wedding ceremonies and receptions, with its grand ballrooms and outdoor terraces offering different views of the Greek Theatre, Mount Etna, and Bay of Naxos. Couples choose this luxurious hotel time and time again, as it boasts one of Italy’s most dramatic and classic backdrops. Here, you and your guests can fully immerse yourselves in the senses of Sicily, reveling in the immaculate gardens, indulging in sensational cuisine, and being inspired by the classical beauty that surrounds you during a wedding at the Grand Hotel Timeo.

The hotel’s location near the center of Taormina makes it an excellent choice for those who wish to have a church wedding.

Let’s find out more wedding venues in Sicily with our help

Wedding Venues in Taormina
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The White Lotus in Sicily


The White Lotus,  has returned to HBO for its new season, leaving behind the Hawaiian paradise for the Dolce Vita sheen of Sicily. The characters have arrived at the titular hotel’s Italian address for a week of Aperol Spritz-fueled decadence and indulgence.

As in season 1, a property of the Four Seasons represents the hotel Sicilian White Lotus and while the facts alternate, the picturesque surroundings of sea and Sicilian atmosphere frame

Much of The White Lotus in Sicily takes place in the shadow of Mt Etna in the charming clifftop town of Taormina, though our characters do frequently venture off-campus for cultural excursions, whether it’s to explore ancient villages or take a tour of The Godfather‘s filming locations. 

Some of the scenes was filmed in the Sicilian cities of Palermo and Noto, as well as on the surrounding Ionian Sea. Other bits were shot at the Castello degli Schiavi in the coastal town of Fiumefreddo (also known for featuring in The Godfather), as well as the beachside 

About Sicily

Sicily is an island—the Mediterranean’s largest—with an incredibly rich and turbulent history. The earliest signs of human activity here date back to 12,000 BC, and due to its geographic location, it has been invaded, conquered, and fought over by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Spanish, and French. The result is a vibrant, culturally diverse destination. And then there is its pièce de résistance: Mount Etna, Italy’s largest volcano, that towers over the northeast, as magnanimous as he is volatile.

All this makes the whole series The White Lotus Sicily full of ideas for perfectly instagrammable moments.

You could have the same luck at your wedding.

Many of the places and buildings that appear in the series The White Lotus can accommodate weddings of great charm.

Rely on a destination wedding planner in Sicily, native of the island, will allow you to discover them all and find your wedding venue. So let’s get in touch

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Getting married in Sicily, in the intimacy of a village

Getting married in Sicily, a legendary land of indisputable natural and historical beauty, rich in small villages is the right choice.

There are plenty of villages in Sicily, scattered all over the territory. They are ideal setting for those who want to celebrate their wedding in true Sicilian style taking advantage from the seductive intimacy of these small towns.

A place whose shapes, spaces and atmospheres are able to enter into intrinsic harmony with your love story framing it. Guardians of a great heritage of art, culture and traditions, these small Italian towns contrast with the frenetic and noisy life of the big cities . Furthermore they challenge the advancement of the increasingly overwhelming rhythms of life through their simplicity.

Semi-deserted alleys, ancient basolati that resonate under your feet, refined architecture embellished by baroque and rural buildings represent that evocative authentic atmosphere that you dream for your Sicilian wedding.

Try to imagine places like: Erice, Montalbano Elicona, Castiglione di Sicilia, Marzamemi, Cefalù, Castelmola, Palazzolo Acreide, Savoca, Petralia Soprana, Sambuca di Sicilia and many more.

Places impressed in the memory of the many Sicilian families who live abroad and who dream of reaffirming their belonging to the homeland. Rural settings that many foreign couples dream of for their Sicilian wedding.

Each of them has different peculiarities: after being colonized for centuries, the Sicilians have in fact absorbed and developed an infinity of characteristics.

Having a local Wedding Planner at your side is undoubtedly an advantage.

Being Sicilians, we organize your wedding in Sicily by exploiting our knowledge of the local market and the territory. 

We are an indispensable reference for travel on the island, not always agile, but a valid logistic support that will advise you at best to make you live the wedding day without stress and worries.

A Sicilian wedding in a small village

According to the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy, born about twenty years ago by ANCI (Consulta del Turismo dell’Associazione Nazionale dei Comuni Italiani) twenty-one Sicilian villages have received the nomination of “Borgo più bello d’Italia”. 

We know them all, we visited and explored them for you.

Below is a list of five Sicilian villages in which you can get married. 

We have taken into account the harmony of style, the architectural coherence, the attention to detail and the current form.

Getting married in Moltalbano Elicona

[Historical background] A stronghold of Byzantine origin of the ninth century AD, flourishing until 1200, fell under the Arab-Norman rule, year in which it was destroyed and rebuilt by the same King Federico II di Svevia who gave the fortress as a dowry to Constanza di Aragona.

The golden age of Montalbano was the century that succeeded 1300, when King Federico II di Aragona established his residence there, fortifying the castle and surrounding the village with new walls.

The restored village

There are about fifty houses in the historic centre, distributed in a maze of alleys, each of various sizes and different types. The magic is they have been restored respecting the atmosphere and medieval architecture where you can breathe a unique atmosphere. Specifically a real Medieval resort perfect for a wedding in a place out of time.

Intimate village sicily

Getting married in Gangi

[Historical background] An ancient Greek mythological city founded in 1200 BC by Cretans, of which there is evidence also in In Verrem by Cicero. Like many cities in Sicily, it was ruled by the Saracens, the Normans, the Aragonese and the Angevins.

Fine air and mountain scent: Gangi is a mythological city. The medieval village is located right at the top, crossing the slopes of the mountain. Here, taking a cobbled lane, an extraordinary scenery opens in front of you: a collection of houses leaning one against the other, golden facades, decorated with flowers, wrought iron balconies, rich portals. Eighteen churches, noble palaces, and many artistic treasures are scattered in these narrow streets that climb and intertwine in a grandiose natural scenery. The ideal village for those of you have ever dreamt a country chic wedding in an ancient cottage surrounded by nature.

Getting married in Erice

[Historical background] founded by Elymians, an ancient population of Trojan origin, it was long contested by the Syracusans and the Carthaginians, for its strategic position. Under Roman rule it lost some of its military power even if it always remained a city of reference for sailors and travellers.

Small and incredibly authentic, Erice is a labyrinth of paved streets that run between churches, squares and ancient courtyards. From its 750 meters high it offers an exceptional panoramic view of the Gulf of Trapani and the Egadi Islands on one side. But also the Valderice valley on the other, namely embracing the countryside of the Sicilian hinterland. Wandering among its typical climbs and descents, you can admire some of the most beautiful sunsets in Sicily. A place with a unique atmosphere, with ancient roots that have their origins in the myth.

The perfect village for an elegant and refined wedding in which Sicilian spirit and history meet giving life to an atmosphere to be remembered forever.

Getting married in Savoca

[Historical background] Thanks to the famous Hollywood film “The Godfather”, it has become the emblem of Sicily in the 1930s. In the central square, the bar Vitelli still preserves the intact aura of the film and the photos of the young American actor.

Al Pacino on the set

[Historical background] Named barony by the Norman king Ruggero II, it was founded in 1300 and distinguished for having participated in Sicilian vespers. A city that stands on a promontory and has seven different views, from Etna to Peloritani, Calabria and the Ionian Sea. Carved into the rock and inebriated with the smell of broom, Leonardo Sciascia was right to give credit to the popular saying that Savoca has seven faces: “Supra na rocca Sauca sta, setti facci sempri fa. 

In fact, from wherever you look, the horizon offers ever new scenarios: from the blue of the Ionian Sea to the rugged Calabrian coast, from the green Peloritani mountains to the majestic Etna, from the cisterns dug into the rock to the houses separated by overhangs where the caper and the broom take root. Seven landscapes, we might say, different from each other.

Savoca is the perfect place for a Sicilian wedding and for those who wish to give the experience of the wedding or their wedding week the theme of the “Godfather”.

Getting married in Cefalù

Even this ancient village on the sea has Greek origins dating back to the fifth century BD, a maritime power of nineteenth-century Sicily where a beautiful cathedral was built around the year 1000 by the will of the Norman King Ruggero II.

Cefalù is the land of the myth because beauty is explained only through the supernatural. Here, Dafni, cantor of  nature, becomes a rock. Hercules raises a temple to Jupiter – and Ras Melkart, the promontory of Hercules, is the Punic name of the settlement. And the Giants, who descend from afar, live their adventures.

Legends that cross different cultures and meet history. The people of this city are deeply linked to the sea, they can feel its breath, its perfume: the sea is an opening towards the multiple, it is adventure, it is real life.

Getting married in the cathedral of Cefalù and celebrating the wedding on the Madonie in baglio, could be a great compromise for those who love both the sea and the mountain, without sacrificing the charm that only this island can give.

Getting married in Castelmola

Between sky and sea, Castelmola is the crown that surrounds the head of Taormina: a balcony on the Ionian sea, a terrace overlooking Mount Etna, a fairy tale told to the stars.

The medieval village of Castelmola, perched above Taormina, is the perfect location for those who wish to celebrate their wedding in an authentic Sicilian style. Imagine having a charming medieval village set up as a stage for a modern but authentic Sicilian ceremony. A memorable wedding that will exceed your expectations and will allow your guests to experience the essence and warmth of true Sicily.

Choosing Castelmola as a location, our expert wedding planners will be able to organize a personalized setting, and an indulgent banquet aimed at satisfying your tastes, both sitting together with your guests within the medieval walls; or in the form of a mini-festival, inviting your old and young near to participate in the celebrations.

Sicily has many faces to discover and there is some for everyone. 

With such a varied landscape, it is easy to understand that the choice of where to get married is really wide.

Hence, choosing the most suitable place to realize your wedding idea is the starting point to move from imagination to reality.

We are here to help you. Ask us how.

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Wedding on the Beach in Sicily: To Be Known

matrimonio in spiaggia nelle più belle spiagge in sicilia

Our island is rich in varieties, so, when it comes to choosing the ideal location for wedding in Sicily, you may be spoilt for choice. We provide you with some tips and useful information on some of the best locations for a sicily beach wedding, so that you can have a foretaste of what a wedding by the sea in Sicily could offer you. 

The perfect wedding on the beach in Sicily

With its 1.152 km of coastline, its charming beaches and the crystal clear sea that laps upon its shores, Sicily is the ideal place for your romantic wedding by the sea.

Planning a wedding on a beach requires careful attention and to consider some crucial aspects to make yours a perfect wedding day.

beach wedding sicily
wedding on the beach sicily

Wedding on the beach: necessary permits

Since 2013, beach weddings are legal and can be celebrated.

This is established by Law n. 396/2000, which gives municipalities the possibility to set up more civil state offices, where to celebrate the wedding. Among these, of course, the possibility of getting married on the beach is also covered. 

In most Sicilian and Italian municipalities in general, only some beaches are available to be rented – for free – in order to celebrate a wedding. The civil rite is the only allowed, because according to canonical law the religious one must be celebrated in a holy place, eligible for sacraments.

When you think of celebrating a beach wedding in Sicily, you should consider that you can choose between two solutions: a civil rite if the municipality has authorized beaches or, alternatively, an exciting symbolic rite on the beach.

Where to celebrate the beach wedding in Sicily: the location

Although the idea of a bucolic wedding in isolated and virgin beaches is undoubtedly fascinating, it is necessary to keep in mind that Sicily is rich in coves, rocky beaches and places not easily accessible where the logistics of a wedding would be precarious or even impossible. We suggest these places to organize an exciting boat tour or, where possible, other small events related to your destination wedding week in Sicily, such as: welcome party, rehearsal dinner and more.

The private beach of a Hotel or villa in Sicily is definitely the best choice that we offer to our couples as it allows you to enjoy privacy, to receive a level of service up to your expectations as well as ensuring you and all your guests the right comfort.

Your wedding in the Marine Nature Reserve of Isola Bella in Taormina

An intimate ceremony on the shores of Isola Bella is definitely an option to consider.
The charming private beach clubs in front of the island can be dedicated to the celebrations of the rite and reception, and finely decorated to meet your requirements.

There are also some exclusive hotels all around Taormina Bay:  Belmond Villa Sant’ Andrea, Atlantis Bay or La PLage Resort if you desire a wedding along the lines of  “La Dolce Vita”.

Here, if you are planning an Elopement in Sicily, it is possible to take refuge in the lush beauty that Isola Bella itself represents. An ideal option to officiate your love with only a few close friends at your side.

The lush green of the island in contrast with the surrounding blue, makes a wedding on Isola Bella another perfect location for Sicilian weddings.

Glam wedding in the province of Agrigento

Immersed in the tranquillity of a pristine natural scenery, with a view extending from the Sicilian hills to the Mediterranean coast, in the province of Agrigento, our suggestion is the Verdura Resort, Rocco Forte Hotels.

Location of great prestige, with a private beach of fine white sand and large spaces with a sophisticated design for a luxurious wedding in Sicily. 

Your wedding week can also be characterized by personalized experiences and a variety of activities that the resort offers: including a golf course among the most beautiful in Sicily. Your wedding in Agrigento for an Italian style wedding experience that will surprise all your guests.

Getting married in a typical Sicilian atmosphere of yesteryear on a crystal clear sea

Your wedding in Sicily, overlooking a sea of endless shades of blue, in front of the impressive view of the legendary Faraglioni of Scopello. Imagine being inside a monumental complex of extraordinary beauty where Sicilian traditions and the most fascinating atmospheres of the island are relived.

Belonged also to the Sicilian Florio’s family, The Tonnara of Scopello, in the province of Trapani is an incomparable setting for your Sicilian wedding of excellence.

Thanks to its breathtaking landscape, this place is the backdrop to numerous movies and commercials.

The seven gems of Unesco: wedding to the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are wild treasures of Sicily, scattered on the northeast side of the island.

This archipelago, a Unesco World Heritage Site, consists of seven islands: Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi and Panarea. 

A wedding on one of the wonderful and remote Aeolian Islands is, not only an opportunity to photograph your special day surrounded by breathtaking views and crystal clear waters. It is also a good occasion to experience the charm of local life.

There are plenty of exclusive locations facing the sea that satisfy many tastes and styles.

For an intimate occasion, couples can opt for a luxurious wedding on board sailing turquoise waters in a truly exceptional setting.

It is impossible to mention here all the other possibilities that Sicily can offer for your beach wedding.

As native Sicilians and wedding planners we know how important the knowledge of land is in order to value the best alternative, depending also on the season chosen for the celebration.

If you are looking for more inspiration, we are here to make your Sicilian wedding a reality.

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Wedding Proposal in Italy: Couple Trip Destination Sicily

It becomes magic if Italy and Sicily, its island, are the chosen destination.

Sicily with its mild temperature, evocative views and changing colors, is a fascinating destination to discover as a couple that this land will give you unforgettable moments in any season you decide to visit it, therefore, it is ideal for your wedding proposal. Each season, in fact, has a great charm and permits you to realize evocative events in prestigious places. 

If you are ready to declare your endless love, do not hesitate any longer. Face this moment with emotional transport and enthusiasm: you will remember it as one of the most romantic and exciting moments of your life.

Choose your favourite city or the place that you have ever dreamt of to visit. Sicily is the perfect destination. 

It is just you two, isolated from everyday chaos, spending time together. Exploring a new city together adds a magical element to your proposal because it is an experience of discovery and wonder that will remain only yours.

This trip, like all couples trips, will put you in deep harmony. The discovery of new places, seen through your eyes will delight you in unison, you will create new memories and experiences to guard.

So why not take the opportunity that this magic moment is enriched with an unexpected surprise? You get down on your knees and ask her to spend the rest of your life together.

We believe that there is nothing more romantic than this.

Your proposal for a wedding in Sicily

Whatever your travel preferences and interests, Sicily has a wealth of landscapes, history, art and culture to suit your every need.

A personalized wedding proposal in Sicily will have a special place in your heart forever. You could select a place where you would like to travel again and make it an annual anniversary trip or the place where to celebrate your wedding.

Planning a wedding proposal on a trip to Sicily is a fantastic idea

We are aware that every man who is about to take the big step faces some difficulties: the pressure of the moment together with the desire that everything is under control.

Our proposal planners, of Sicilian origins, will be able to interpret your idea and make it concrete by customizing your declaration of love with respect for your loved one and your love story.

Whether intimate and private or public and regal, we will know how to interpret your style with gusto by organizing a unique and customized event.

Love is the key element: your love as a couple and ours for the work we passionately do.

We will follow the project, the ideation and the set up of the location. From the romantic walks in the vineyard on Etna to a helicopter tour in the skies of the Aeolian Islands, from the medieval village of Erice to the glamour of Taormina, we accurately create moments that will amaze you.

If you feel curious to know what we can realize and to deepen our method click here.