Wedding Proposal in Italy: Couple Trip Destination Sicily

It becomes magic if Italy and Sicily, its island, are the chosen destination.

Sicily with its mild temperature, evocative views and changing colors, is a fascinating destination to discover as a couple that this land will give you unforgettable moments in any season you decide to visit it, therefore, it is ideal for your wedding proposal. Each season, in fact, has a great charm and permits you to realize evocative events in prestigious places. 

If you are ready to declare your endless love, do not hesitate any longer. Face this moment with emotional transport and enthusiasm: you will remember it as one of the most romantic and exciting moments of your life.

Choose your favourite city or the place that you have ever dreamt of to visit. Sicily is the perfect destination. 

It is just you two, isolated from everyday chaos, spending time together. Exploring a new city together adds a magical element to your proposal because it is an experience of discovery and wonder that will remain only yours.

This trip, like all couples trips, will put you in deep harmony. The discovery of new places, seen through your eyes will delight you in unison, you will create new memories and experiences to guard.

So why not take the opportunity that this magic moment is enriched with an unexpected surprise? You get down on your knees and ask her to spend the rest of your life together.

We believe that there is nothing more romantic than this.

Your proposal for a wedding in Sicily

Whatever your travel preferences and interests, Sicily has a wealth of landscapes, history, art and culture to suit your every need.

A personalized wedding proposal in Sicily will have a special place in your heart forever. You could select a place where you would like to travel again and make it an annual anniversary trip or the place where to celebrate your wedding.

Planning a wedding proposal on a trip to Sicily is a fantastic idea

We are aware that every man who is about to take the big step faces some difficulties: the pressure of the moment together with the desire that everything is under control.

Our proposal planners, of Sicilian origins, will be able to interpret your idea and make it concrete by customizing your declaration of love with respect for your loved one and your love story.

Whether intimate and private or public and regal, we will know how to interpret your style with gusto by organizing a unique and customized event.

Love is the key element: your love as a couple and ours for the work we passionately do.

We will follow the project, the ideation and the set up of the location. From the romantic walks in the vineyard on Etna to a helicopter tour in the skies of the Aeolian Islands, from the medieval village of Erice to the glamour of Taormina, we accurately create moments that will amaze you.

If you feel curious to know what we can realize and to deepen our method click here.