Getting married in Sicily, in the intimacy of a village

Getting married in Sicily, a legendary land of indisputable natural and historical beauty, rich in small villages is the right choice.

There are plenty of villages in Sicily, scattered all over the territory. They are ideal setting for those who want to celebrate their wedding in true Sicilian style taking advantage from the seductive intimacy of these small towns.

A place whose shapes, spaces and atmospheres are able to enter into intrinsic harmony with your love story framing it. Guardians of a great heritage of art, culture and traditions, these small Italian towns contrast with the frenetic and noisy life of the big cities . Furthermore they challenge the advancement of the increasingly overwhelming rhythms of life through their simplicity.

Semi-deserted alleys, ancient basolati that resonate under your feet, refined architecture embellished by baroque and rural buildings represent that evocative authentic atmosphere that you dream for your Sicilian wedding.

Try to imagine places like: Erice, Montalbano Elicona, Castiglione di Sicilia, Marzamemi, Cefalù, Castelmola, Palazzolo Acreide, Savoca, Petralia Soprana, Sambuca di Sicilia and many more.

Places impressed in the memory of the many Sicilian families who live abroad and who dream of reaffirming their belonging to the homeland. Rural settings that many foreign couples dream of for their Sicilian wedding.

Each of them has different peculiarities: after being colonized for centuries, the Sicilians have in fact absorbed and developed an infinity of characteristics.

Having a local Wedding Planner at your side is undoubtedly an advantage.

Being Sicilians, we organize your wedding in Sicily by exploiting our knowledge of the local market and the territory. 

We are an indispensable reference for travel on the island, not always agile, but a valid logistic support that will advise you at best to make you live the wedding day without stress and worries.

A Sicilian wedding in a small village

According to the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy, born about twenty years ago by ANCI (Consulta del Turismo dell’Associazione Nazionale dei Comuni Italiani) twenty-one Sicilian villages have received the nomination of “Borgo più bello d’Italia”. 

We know them all, we visited and explored them for you.

Below is a list of five Sicilian villages in which you can get married. 

We have taken into account the harmony of style, the architectural coherence, the attention to detail and the current form.

Getting married in Moltalbano Elicona

[Historical background] A stronghold of Byzantine origin of the ninth century AD, flourishing until 1200, fell under the Arab-Norman rule, year in which it was destroyed and rebuilt by the same King Federico II di Svevia who gave the fortress as a dowry to Constanza di Aragona.

The golden age of Montalbano was the century that succeeded 1300, when King Federico II di Aragona established his residence there, fortifying the castle and surrounding the village with new walls.

The restored village

There are about fifty houses in the historic centre, distributed in a maze of alleys, each of various sizes and different types. The magic is they have been restored respecting the atmosphere and medieval architecture where you can breathe a unique atmosphere. Specifically a real Medieval resort perfect for a wedding in a place out of time.

Intimate village sicily

Getting married in Gangi

[Historical background] An ancient Greek mythological city founded in 1200 BC by Cretans, of which there is evidence also in In Verrem by Cicero. Like many cities in Sicily, it was ruled by the Saracens, the Normans, the Aragonese and the Angevins.

Fine air and mountain scent: Gangi is a mythological city. The medieval village is located right at the top, crossing the slopes of the mountain. Here, taking a cobbled lane, an extraordinary scenery opens in front of you: a collection of houses leaning one against the other, golden facades, decorated with flowers, wrought iron balconies, rich portals. Eighteen churches, noble palaces, and many artistic treasures are scattered in these narrow streets that climb and intertwine in a grandiose natural scenery. The ideal village for those of you have ever dreamt a country chic wedding in an ancient cottage surrounded by nature.

Getting married in Erice

[Historical background] founded by Elymians, an ancient population of Trojan origin, it was long contested by the Syracusans and the Carthaginians, for its strategic position. Under Roman rule it lost some of its military power even if it always remained a city of reference for sailors and travellers.

Small and incredibly authentic, Erice is a labyrinth of paved streets that run between churches, squares and ancient courtyards. From its 750 meters high it offers an exceptional panoramic view of the Gulf of Trapani and the Egadi Islands on one side. But also the Valderice valley on the other, namely embracing the countryside of the Sicilian hinterland. Wandering among its typical climbs and descents, you can admire some of the most beautiful sunsets in Sicily. A place with a unique atmosphere, with ancient roots that have their origins in the myth.

The perfect village for an elegant and refined wedding in which Sicilian spirit and history meet giving life to an atmosphere to be remembered forever.

Getting married in Savoca

[Historical background] Thanks to the famous Hollywood film “The Godfather”, it has become the emblem of Sicily in the 1930s. In the central square, the bar Vitelli still preserves the intact aura of the film and the photos of the young American actor.

Al Pacino on the set

[Historical background] Named barony by the Norman king Ruggero II, it was founded in 1300 and distinguished for having participated in Sicilian vespers. A city that stands on a promontory and has seven different views, from Etna to Peloritani, Calabria and the Ionian Sea. Carved into the rock and inebriated with the smell of broom, Leonardo Sciascia was right to give credit to the popular saying that Savoca has seven faces: “Supra na rocca Sauca sta, setti facci sempri fa. 

In fact, from wherever you look, the horizon offers ever new scenarios: from the blue of the Ionian Sea to the rugged Calabrian coast, from the green Peloritani mountains to the majestic Etna, from the cisterns dug into the rock to the houses separated by overhangs where the caper and the broom take root. Seven landscapes, we might say, different from each other.

Savoca is the perfect place for a Sicilian wedding and for those who wish to give the experience of the wedding or their wedding week the theme of the “Godfather”.

Getting married in Cefalù

Even this ancient village on the sea has Greek origins dating back to the fifth century BD, a maritime power of nineteenth-century Sicily where a beautiful cathedral was built around the year 1000 by the will of the Norman King Ruggero II.

Cefalù is the land of the myth because beauty is explained only through the supernatural. Here, Dafni, cantor of  nature, becomes a rock. Hercules raises a temple to Jupiter – and Ras Melkart, the promontory of Hercules, is the Punic name of the settlement. And the Giants, who descend from afar, live their adventures.

Legends that cross different cultures and meet history. The people of this city are deeply linked to the sea, they can feel its breath, its perfume: the sea is an opening towards the multiple, it is adventure, it is real life.

Getting married in the cathedral of Cefalù and celebrating the wedding on the Madonie in baglio, could be a great compromise for those who love both the sea and the mountain, without sacrificing the charm that only this island can give.

Getting married in Castelmola

Between sky and sea, Castelmola is the crown that surrounds the head of Taormina: a balcony on the Ionian sea, a terrace overlooking Mount Etna, a fairy tale told to the stars.

The medieval village of Castelmola, perched above Taormina, is the perfect location for those who wish to celebrate their wedding in an authentic Sicilian style. Imagine having a charming medieval village set up as a stage for a modern but authentic Sicilian ceremony. A memorable wedding that will exceed your expectations and will allow your guests to experience the essence and warmth of true Sicily.

Choosing Castelmola as a location, our expert wedding planners will be able to organize a personalized setting, and an indulgent banquet aimed at satisfying your tastes, both sitting together with your guests within the medieval walls; or in the form of a mini-festival, inviting your old and young near to participate in the celebrations.

Sicily has many faces to discover and there is some for everyone. 

With such a varied landscape, it is easy to understand that the choice of where to get married is really wide.

Hence, choosing the most suitable place to realize your wedding idea is the starting point to move from imagination to reality.

We are here to help you. Ask us how.